It’s a fallacy to think more men than women will survive any end time scenario with the one exception of a killer virus specifically tailored to kill women and children only. Boy that would be a major bummer. Let me tell you. It’s also a fallacy to think that the most beautiful won’t be attracted to the man or woman in charge which will almost certainly be the strongest/smartest, or a combination of the two traits.

If you have the slightest doubt about the veracity of this simply ask ANY psychiatrist or psychologist. OR! Read history!

Women look after themselves rather well. Women also will take a major role in the rebuilding and stabilization during and after a massive event.




Woman at War
By: David White and Daniel P. Murphy Ph.D. discuss roles woman actively took during war times.

The Role of Woman in Stabilization and Reconstruction
United States institute of Peace has an excellent report of women’s roles in the process of Stabilization and Reconstruction after a major event.

Military and War: Woman’s Roles
From About.com 14 periods of time in history, each has attached articles for the time and period of history.

Role of Woman Critical in Disaster Resilience
Australian Government: Women and girls are being recognised as the unsung heroes of local communities in preparing for, and recovering from disasters on this year’s International Day for Disaster Reduction.