I started and will finish this Series simply because I had to. One of those things I guess.

Like most of us that read zombie books my Apocalypse library is freakin HUGE! Well over a hundred, maybe 200 of them are zombie based. I just love this particular sub genre. It’s cool. I have enjoyed every single zombie book I’ve read and learned something useful from each and every one. I do however differ from some who write in this genre in that I don’t follow many of the same patterns.

So one day out of boredom I started thinking. Really bad thing to do I realize this. I had just watched the latest episode of ‘The Walking Dead” which I like, but like everything has issues and a distinct lack of end game realism but I like it. So I finish the episode and I’m sitting back on the couch wondering what I’ll do next? Develop a website to add to my bunch that I manage? Maybe make something to eat? Can’t play with the kids. Their young and asleep. So I’m mulling over a possible book to read and remember all the zombie books I’ve already read. And I started getting irritated. Just at the BS. Thing is, these authors that get it so wrong can make a much better book by simply having a bit of imagination and applying a bit of real life into their works. As fantasy almost all were good. Some great! Some kinda lousy but still an adequate read.

So I decided “Hey! I’ll write a book with shit that actually works.” I may not be the best writer around. I may suck in fact at my grammar. But it will be real.

But that’s why I write. Love it or hate it. It’s all real. To keep it that way I enlisted the help of 2 very close personal friends. This is how it really is. That is, if you act very quickly.

Everyone is very welcome to disagree with me. I could care less and actually welcome the challenge. Go ahead but have facts to back up your banter. lol. Or, I’ll simply ignore you for being ignorant.