Again, as soon as I find the right app for WordPress I will put 5 characters into Book 2 and 3 if you respond quickly. I just need to find the right polling app for inserting into pages.

Do you want to die? Fight? Get screwed by Jay in a moment of weakness on his part? Be an advisor?

You can name your position and I’ll put use your real name and location with a backstory on how you came to be there.

This will be fun so make it happen.

But I’ll need a good reason from you. The 5 coolest reasons get thrust into a zombie apocalypse! Wooooo.

Prepare for mayhem!


Book 2 insertions:

Alethea Baldwin: HBIC (Hot Bitch in Charge) of a Gay and Lesbian biker gang that rocks and rolls in books 2 and 3 and then some.

Terry Keller of Minnesota: He will be taking the place of Pete who unfortunately had too many body parts eaten off to survive in book 1. I won’t say how he’s intro’d but let’s just say Sandy is VERY grateful to him which obviously means he won’t be tapping Ashley.

Josh Ederer and Pete Herkenham are Marine’s on leave who are currently hiding out in Howell City with his sexy GF. James Ederer Joins them as Josh’s brother whom their currently visiting when it all happens.

Fridaddy of Northern California: Becomes the Sherriff of the new budding community in Newaygo. He’s bad ass!

Johnny Clark: Disabled and leader of a group in Muskegon.

Keith Sinclair: Special Forces Air Wing.

Norman Meredith: Special Forces Intelligence.

Rich Dupre, Steve Trotto, Craig Trotto and Robert Filipkowski: Massachusetts Militia members initial inserted into book 2 to get you used to them but they rock and roll in the hardest way in book 3.

Travis Kreuter: Can’t say. Read the prologue in book 2 and you’ll figure it out.

Book 3 insertions: (Bear in mind. Many book 2 insertions are carried forward if they do not get eaten by zombies or killed by the shadow government.)

Shannon Sharpe: Captive that’s rescued and much more.

 Vikki Darwin: Another captive.

Roxanne Jensen: Yet another captive.

Bill Ball: Military.


(Boy I need to update this! Book 3 is fairly full but there might still be room.)

Come on people talk to me there is room for more.