Here are some of Jay’s weapons. Yes I write about what I’m familiar with and can use with ease. How cool is that?


And this girlfriends is a standard Colt  HBAR AR-15 with a 3.5 X 10 X 50 scope mounted to it. I have to admit the Leopold scopes are first rate in the ruggedness test. Yes, I’ve kinda dropped it a few times. Ok, to specifics there is the standard short tripod exactly as I used as a sniper. Mil spec and the new guards are to add weight to the barrel. Sure it adds about 5 pounds but you’ll see the results in a minute. By adding the weight the barrel doesn’t jump around as much and even though the .223 doesn’t have much recoil because of the buffer assembly it still has some. When your a sniper, expecially firing fast you need ‘weight’ in your weapon to bring it back on target quickly. Quickly is defined as partial seconds. And this is the result. I do have magnetic scope covers for this bitch but unfortunately they have a tendency to stick in freezing rain so I removed them earlier. The pitfalls of living in Michigan.


target 700

Yeah piss on me. I had 7 drifters out of 60 at 700 yards. WTF is that all about? I’ll tell you. It was sorta windy at about 14 knots and all of 22 degrees out so I was freezing. That whole lower left to upper right drift you see? I”m blaming that one on the cold because I have no clue. But that was last week. And no, at 700 yards I can’t actually see the red center of that 8″ ring. So I sight into the center of what I can see. Simple actually. Oh and 2 magazines, 60 rounds, 235 seconds. I always time myself and yes i have a kitchen timer that works great. Now you see that weight is actually important. Don’t get anal on me guys and girls. This is easily doable. My skills have degraded so much since my time served. I’m actually pathetic by active duty standards. I’m just sayin that at 2-300 yards they would all be in the inner ring. Easy.



Jay’s twin .45’s. The best shit out there this I know.

Taurus PT 24/7 OSS DS Tactical, 5.2″ Barrel, holds 12+1 which means 12 in the mag plus 1 in the barrel. Staggered design magazine. Weighs just under 2 lbs and is super accurate. Easy 3 inch groups at 25 yards. That’s yards not feet btw. Love these things. God! Their my baby’s. Their a DA/SA automatic and the first pull can be brutal but their sweet. Yeah I really love them and it’s my preferred concealed carry, vs the Baretta PX4 Storm that Jay carries, and which I do have and sometimes carry depending on the temperature. I prefer the Galco holsters btw. Inside the pants and hook over the belt. Hugs your gun right to your body. Google King Tuk holsters and you’ll be there. I switch off different guns depending on the weather and what I”m forced to wear. That’s why I prefer to wear the .45 but will wear the .40 if it’s hot out.

I wish I had saved a target from this last weekend. Thought I did but can’t find it anywhere in my kit so prob left it stapled to the damn plywood at the range. Pssst! These are much better than the Glock 21 and more accurate. I’ll update this soon.

Ok limiting this to the above for now. Sure there are tons more but I was told I have to leave all of you in suspense. LOL.

Take care you guys and girls.


Hey! Feel free to list your weapons of choice for dropping zombies and bad guys. We’ll get to shotguns and maybe machete’s  next week I promise.

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