Some have asked why did I create/imagine a virus that bonds to it’s hosts dna and can’t be transmitted once the bonding’s complete? Great question but the answer is simple.

So the human race could survive. See, I told you the reason was simple.

Take the series ‘The Walking Dead’. Love it. Watch every episode. But their constantly attacked by zombies and they get that zombie shit, blood, mucus and spit all over them. Scratched up you name it. The movie would have you believe it takes a bite or a blood swapping to turn someone into a zombie within minutes or hours. Ok fine but everytime they fight zombies (which is often because they have almost zero situational awareness even though Rick Grimes is a great police officer and they have this irritating habit of repeating mistakes although I noticed season 3 cut back on a lot of that bullshit, probably from fan complaints would be my guess) they, like I said, get covered up in the goop. eyes nose. All over the face and their bodies and their all scratched up, at one point in season one they even covered themselves in the blood of zombies in Atlanta to get by them. Ok sure.

But blood to blood, or mucus to blood, or spit to blood  happens through a scratch and they all have them. Look at their characters, their all scratched up. Through the eyes and mucus membranes in the nose also. Jeez. So very inconsistent there because there is NO DIFFERENCE IN INFECTION. Technically they should have all died by the end of the 4th or 5th episode in season 1. Soooo. If the virus was such as in that series they couldn’t possibly have survived. Not in any semblance of real life.

To keep it REAL I had to bond the virus to the hosts DNA. Its the only thing that would make it work in real life. Otherwise we’re dead. No way you can clean out a hundred million zombies wearing HAZMAT suits. Nuking them would work fine but plays hell on infrastructure.

The Walking Dead simply can’t work in Real Life and have survivors but it’s still an enjoyable series. The only way to survive a zombie virus like theirs it to insulate yourself totally. Like on an island in the middle of the ocean and start over in maybe 20-30 years. Jay doesn’t have that kind of time. For one thing there’s probably a shitload of sexy chick survivors out there dying to meet him. Pun intended.