You know. I’ve read well over a hundred zombie books, probably closer to 200  and I’m pretty sure I’ve watched all the movies with the one exception of that semi recent flick involving a zombie bf/gf who travel to together to some destination or other before they completely rot apart. Whatever. It’s 1.9 rating told me everything I needed to know. But the one thing that stands out with screaming regularity is the make-up of the survivor group.

To be exact: A shitload of guys and a couple girls most of the guys fight over and zero kids, OR recently 1 (1). Yeah, one kid. Seems to be the new wave among movies and authors to add the token kid.

Alright! Never gonna happen in real life. Period. Even though I did consult real life psychologists and Doctors when writing my first book I actually didn’t need to in some areas. For instance. In ALL of recorded history and during every single major strife, whether that be war or disease or natural disaster, who are the BY FAR majority survivors. Without question it’s women and children, expecially children. Period! Men are in extreme short supply. Many reasons for that. For those of rather limited intelligence who need it spelled out for them it’s basically protection of the family unit and the male ego complex. Men fight, (most), men protect, (most). It’s built into our DNA. Women also.

The final point I guess is that many men and women will hopelessly throw their lives away to die with their child.

To me, I guess is the very simple fact that I will NOT let my child die alone and afraid. I’ll be right there next to him/her. Shrugs. You do what you have to do when your human.

In the meantime please feel free to post and let me and others know your feelings on this.