Just a quick note. My name is Mary and I’m honored that Sean allowed me to tackle this subject. My Goal is to educate. Sex and survival do go hand in hand in many different aspect of life. It’s also okay to talk about sex. It’s healthy!

During a high stress situation whether it a national disasters, man-made disasters, wars or even the chance of a zombie apocalypse. There will always be a need to relieve stress. While there are many ways to do this such as:  physical activity, meditation/grounding, interaction with others, drugs, sex, sleep and the list goes on and on. In other words, Sex, Survival, Apocalypse go hand in hand.

Sex is one of the simplest and fastest ways of accomplishing many of the ways of relieving stress in one act. You have the physical, which helps relieve pent up energy. You have the meditation or grounding, which brings a person to the here and now. The interaction with other(s) that gives the feeling of not being alone and secure (even for a short amount time). Sex can and is a drug which releases endorphins and other key natural elements into the body to make a person feel better, whether physical or mental. Finally, sex helps promote healthy sleep which is needed for the activities of survival, functioning in a situation(s) and life itself.

All these can be accomplished in one simple act of have sex with another person (s). Throughout history sex has come in many forms, from comfort woman and men (usually slaves and the captured) used in Roman, Greece and Japan, for example. To the prostitutes, uniform chasers and bath houses for example of  the negative side of sex acts. There were also wives, concubines, girl or boy friends, trench buddy(ies) just to name a few on the positive side.  Some partners are known for mere moments to a prolonged amounts of time.

The time spent with a sexual partner(s) could make the difference in life or death situation. If a person is so stress and unable to be productive they will make mistakes. Sex along with sleep brings focus and clarity to many situations because a person(s) are more likely rested and has a reduced stress factor, not to mention many other benefit as long as it’s done safely.

Links to support:

Timothy Long on sex in survival situations.
Mr. Timothy W. Long Author of “Among the Living” does an excellent job with bring to light that “Sex Happens” in a disaster and there is nothing wrong with adding sex to a story, because “Sex Happens” in real life.  So is one to think that when a disaster happens everyone will put sex on the back burner. Don’t think so, it will be right up and center with survival and getting back to normal.

The Links between Sex and Stress
Elizabeth Scott, M.S. article covers several areas that sex helps improve such as:  mood, blood pressure, stress response (‘positive physical contact’ vs just emotional support alone), deep breathing, sense of touch, social support, endorphins and a physical workout.

Mind Of Man: Sex and the Zombie Apocalypse
John DeVore article cover the no BS side of Sex in the Zombie Apocalypse. He covers relationships and dating.

Could Sex Save Your Life?
Dan Roberts offers up more reasons to have sex. The sections are broken down into each to follow sections:  Aids Sleep, Combats Stress, Boosts Immunity, Reduces Cancer, Improves Intimacy, Eases Pain, Burns Calories and Increases Longevity (You Live Longer)

Can Having Sex More Often Save Your Life?
Lorraine Blum’s article goes into in-depth on Heart Disease, Stress and Health. The benefits of having sex on health vs. not having sex on health.

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex
In Kathleen Doheny article for WebMD she add to the reasons for Sex “The Perks Of Sex Extend Well Beyond the Bedroom”

More Sex, Less Stress
Valerie Frankel, her true story of a 5 week journey on reducing stress and rediscovering that sex can help her get there.

Sex And Stress
Beth McHugh gives us a study all the way from the UK.  Stress reduction. People who participated in penetrative sex vs did not involve in penetrative sex.

As You Desire
Nancy Sutton Pierce  offers up the article “As You Desire: Sex & Intimacy During Times of Stress or Illness. This article brushes the topics of:  ‘ The addition of a child, the illness or death of a significant other or aging parents needing our undivided attention.’

New Sexual Revolution: Polyamory Maybe Good For You
Poly = Many. Sexual relationships with Multiple partners with main partner’s permission.

Fear and Sex
Dr. Susan Block reports Fear can be erotic. Whether it’s the leap into unknown or facing a known fear and/or stress. Awesome article that touches many topics that are affecting people everyday.

Exercise Makes Sex Better
Mark Stibich, PH.D takes us through why exercise makes sex better.  This goes for both Male and Female. Also the more physically fit you are or become it increase chances of a higher survival rate.

Men’s Sexual Response
Dr. David Delvin, GP, Family Planning Specialist & Christine Webber, Psychotherapist discusses how (most) men are wired for sex. I will help bring clarity to the male sex drive.

My Wife Doesn’t Initiate Sex
Marriage Coach Jay helps answer that million dollar question, that most (Normal) guys are secretly or not so secretly asking.

Alpha Male Characteristics and Traits
By: Alphamen
Now there are some very strong Male characters in Sean’s books. But two stand out there is Jay and Dr. Lynch. The leaders of the pack. Yes yes, I know there are a lot of strong male characters in the book. But think of this as a Pack of dogs. There is just one Top Male, the alpha, but even in a Pack there are other strong males that aid the Top Dog until he is no longer able to lead. This article will help some to understand the Alpha male.

Why Woman Love the Alpha Male
Daniella Nicole article brings clarity of why woman love the Alpha males.

Men Think About Sex, Just Not Non-Stop
Katie Moisse article about a research study from Ohio State University’s Mansfield. The Average man thinks about sex 19 times a day, but each Male is different and it could be higher or lower depending on the male.