For every 100 or 1000 good preachers there is the proverbial bad one. If we ever get to the end times expect that ratio to radically increase.

Way back near the end of NCO school during my stint in the Marine Corps there is always the Q&A bullshit session with Top (MSgt) or the SgtMaj. That’s where they impart the skinny of what WASN’T included in the SOP’s. Well actually the evil preacher is mentionded in the Marine Corps ones at least. Suffice to say expect a bad preacher to crawl out of the woodwork preaching hell and damnnation and the second coming being imminent. Expect this person to attempt to usurp civil authority and use ‘bad’ methods to retain his followers. Expect it quickly because he needs to take advantage of the situation.

It will happen. It always does. Read your history.

So, what to do? Kick him out of your little enclave? Thus permitting him to pull in followers unchecked and  uninhibited then attack and take you over later? Jay found one solution. The military SOP’s have multiple solutions, Jay’s being only one of the several mentioned.