Conservative and moderate. There you go. Sounds like an oxymoron yes? Not really.

I grew up damn dirt poor. There is a difference. Growing up, we shared an apartment with another family for a great many years. 2 divorced mothers with 3 and 4 kids respectively. Nowadays your given your own apartment. All kinds of goodies. Back then (60’s-70’s) you made do. We didn’t have food stamps but we did have the cheese and bread food truck. Cheese sandwiches  Yayyy. LOL.

I did odd jobs growing up from about 8 on. Mowed lawns, babysat, repaired simple home appliances (yeah I had that whole engineering attitude from an early age). At 13 I started trapping on local streams and skinned my share of muskrat, mink and yeah possum along with the occasional raccoon. Got $1 for a possum skin. At 1 day after my 18th birthday I joined the USMC. Best thing I ever did. They opened my eyes to many more possibilities.

The Marine Corps taught me to be frugal and save. They also taught me honor and commitment.  Brotherhood. Courage and sacrifice. I put that into my novels or try too. Perhaps I should move this thread to ‘About Me”. Whatever.

My politics are simple. Conservative mostly yet moderate in that we need to protect those less fortunate, the elderly, our children and the mentally challenged. Registered independent for a variety of reasons. I do NOT believe in a cradle to grave social net. I earned what I have. Nobody earned it for me.

I worked 15 to 19 hours a day, 7 days a week for over 14 years to get where I’m at. Now, in my 40’s I do what I wish to do. The only agenda I have is protecting our children because they need protecting. I gave up decades ago at trying to instill basic levels of responsibility within the general populace. Read ‘The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire’. It will illumate a few and be way over the heads of most. Whatever. I give up.

I accept people for who they are and judge them from their actions and I dislike it when people say I’m lucky. I’m not! I work freakin hard for everything I have. While most were partying I was working 2 or 3 jobs. Do the math.

Basic rules in life?

1) You mess with my family, kin or community it’s total game on. I’m about as vicious as it gets and you will see that come out in Jay in Book 2. The vicious side of my Marine Corps experiences come out full force.

2) Observe the Golden Rule and if someone screws you pay them back 3 times over. I live for that.