My writing style is not unique but instead a combination of first person, monologue and narrative. I assume the reader is reading it, thus narrative. To each his own but this is a work of fiction and you can easily drop right into my characters, obsorbing them into yourself as you, while still maintaining continuity. like I’ve said multiple times. I may suck as a writer. Up to you to decide that. I had fun writing this book so I’ll write more. Love me or hate me. Honestly? I could care less but I do prefer constructive criticism. I will admit my grammar truly sucks so I am hiring an editor for all my future books. Book 1 will be re-edited and if anyone wants a corrected copy send me an email and i’ll send you a link where you can download whichever format you prefer.

So you see, as a work of fiction there are parts of my books that are unrealistic and other parts that do work in Real Life 10 out of 10 times. Every single zombie book I own has parts that can’t possibly work in Real Life thus mine is no exception. Will a strong leader have all the hottest chicks in a survival situation? You Betcha and anyone who thinks otherwise simply has no clue on female psychology. Will women and children vastly outnumber the men? Yes they will. Can you use large city snowplows to clear out zombies from streets? Hell Yes! Why haven’t any others written that yet? Dunno but it will work very well. Will sex be a major part of any survival group? For a fact, YES! You won’t be able to stop it. Again, simple psychology. Will marauders quickly take advantage of the situation. Yeah, depressing isn’t it. If 95% of the population is killed off will there be plenty of food? Sure will be. Not sure why apocalyptic survival groups are always starving to be honest with you. Will things be totally screwed for people in major cities? Yep! How about small towns out in the country? Not so much and easily doable.

Will a National Guard Commander release his troops to an unknown Marine? Probably not but I needed them there so that became my first transgression into the unreal. LOL. Can you burn bodies like pine kindling like almost ALL zombie books use as a disposal method? Not even slightly. Can’t possibly happen in Real Life. That’s one of the most unreal things I consistantly read in almost all zombie books, but like a close friend mentioned to me; It’s an effective though totally unrealistic method of zombie body disposal so everyone uses it. Geez. Alrighty then. (Heavy eyeball roll)

My second transgression into the unreal was the leader (Jay) spending 20 minutes to over an hour screwing his babes multiple times a day. In reality whomever the leader is will be way too busy to be spending that kind of time messin with his chicks. Will he tap them several times a day? Probably. I sure would. But honestly it would be a shitload of quickees. LOL But it would happen. Trust me, you will make time to knock off a chunk. You just won’t have the luxery of hours to do it in. look, I’m not getting into the whole survivors and sex psychological complex. It’s complicated but well documented. It’s real and it’s universal in that it happens every single time. If your really curious about the phenomenon you can either google it or simply take a basic psychology course. In this I’m oh so right it’s pathetic. LOL.

*Authors* Stop neutering your characters. It doesn’t work that way in real life and never has in recorded history.

Another possible transgression from most people viewpoints is Jay rarely misses what he shoots at. In Real Life I DON'”T MISS often at all. It’s almost impossible for me to miss at 200 yards with open sights using a rifle. Almost impossible for me to miss a 3 inch target at 100 yards with a shotgun shooting slugs, and pretty much impossible to miss a 3-5 inch target at 25 yards with a pistol. I simply don’t and I can’t understand how others can routinely miss at these ranges but I have witnessed it. I’ve witnessed people missing an 12 inch target at 7 feet. At the 15 foot mark for certification I don’t even bother bringing a pistol up to aim and simply point shoot from the hip or mid-chest level mostly. It’s too easy. Now that requires some explanation. Yes I used to compete but I’ve always been a decent shot. In the United States Marine Corps everyone is required to qualify with at least marksman. I quickly learned there are 2 types of people. Those that can shoot and those that can’t. Sounds simplistic sure. But it’s the truth. I honestly think it’s psychological. Something in a majority of people out there keeps them from shooting straight. I have stood beside people on the range and actually seen them holding their pistol almost sideways in order to miss. It’s amazing. I gently reach out and tilt it towards the target and they squint their eyes and bear down and the gun shifts to about 2 feet off at 15 feet. I can’t explain it but it happens a lot. Now I can hand them a stick from the ground and tell them to point it at the target, guess what? it points dead on. Put the gun back in their hand and it’s pointed sideways. Thus a psych thing. Has to be. If anyone has explored this phenomenon and come to any solutions please let me know. It really freaks me out though.

Out of the hundreds of people I’ve been around in the last few years I’ve found one thing to be true. Women on average have a harder time pointing a weapon straight vs men. I’m not positive but I suspect I know why. We’ll I know what my psychologist buddy says and I’ll let you come to your own conclusions. Many many women are expert shooters. I didn’t say they weren’t. However it’s obvious to any instructor that more women than men have issues with it. Remember, you only have to qualify from 15 feet. It was a woman who simply could NOT point a gun at the target. She couldn’t bring herself to do it. A stick sure, a finger yep, A gun? Oh, hell no. It stayed sideways. Weird.

My suspician is basic. Fathers spend tons of time with their sons on the range or in the woods shooting. Not so much for their daughters. So most women have little familiarity with a weapon, thus are more apprehensive. Also, girls grow up play with dolls. Boys grow up playing cops and robbers, cowboy’s and indians and before that redcoats vs. bluecoats. That’s just a logical guess on my part though. Fathers! Start taking your daughters out also even if they don’t want to. They’ll have fun if you just let it happen.

I grew up reading Louis L’Amour and Zane Grey. Their characters were my hero’s and shaped my young psyche. Good triumphs over evil when strong men and women step up and do what’s needed. I believe that. Good outweighs the bad. It just takes good people to do what’s needed in order for evil to fail.

Moving on, David Drake played a large part in shaping my young adulthood. He’s the man in Miltary fiction. Well actually, I have to admit John Ramsey Miller really pushes my buttons. The man is phenomenal in reaching out and yanking you hard into his characters, immersing them in non stop action and intrigue. Authors like this are a godsend to the world as a whole. Alongside these two greats are W.E.B. Griffen, Stephen King, Saul (sucks because his plots are repititious but for some reason sell amongst the masses), and a host of others. Jeez. There are a ton.

I hope someday to contribute a small part of what I’ve learned and in doing so give hope to all of you out there. Hope that when good strong people stand up, you can accomplish anything! So when zombies start staggaring down your street you’ll know what to do. Aye. Grab your ass with both hands and kiss it goodbye!

Blood, Brains and Bullets Book 1:

I originally started this to be a full on comedy. That all changed as I got into it. It became real to me in a sense so I started writing what I would actually do. The comedy’s still there. It just took a back seat. Oh it still has it’s funny parts. Yes I make fun of Jay the central character getting the best looking babes and of course they all have to have large breasts. HEY! I’m a tit and ass guy. Basically the first 7 days after the start of the Apocalypse with lots of logistics, action and death. How and what to do to survive. Hopefully!

Blood, Brains and Bullets Book 2: Legacy of the Living.

This book takes you a step further. Another couple of weeks into the life of Jay, his girls, his community and the remnants of military forces all struggling to stay alive with shadow government assassination squads after them along with an uptick in marauders and just stupid loser people in general. Basically society as it is and getting thinned out due to their own natural stupidity. Don’t give up hope though because Jay is a Marine and he’s actually on the ball in between screwing his volumptious babes. He might make it out alive in this one too. Who knows. LOL.