This is the fun page where we show you that most of your local Militia’s are NOT the bad guys.


Red Zone Tactical

I will be teaming up with RZT 508 and collaborating with their group for Book 3 of Blood, Brains and Bullets. I’m not going to reveal the plot of Book 3 yet but let’s just say there’s some really bad shit going down and the¬†Homeboys of the Massachusetts Militia comes through and helps save the day. Or maybe everyone dies. I forget.

Seriously, I am totally stoked at this collaboration and I’m looking forward to working closely with these guys and girls. Patriots is what they are, and you readers will find that out.

They have an awesome site with tons of videos on new weapons, bug out bags, tactics you name it. These guys are the greatest!


Check out some of their pics!


Robert Filipkowski holding up his zmbie slayer used in Book 2