In Legacy of the Living, book 2 of the Blood, Brains and Bullets series I used real life disabled both physically and mentally and showed how they do contribute not only to society but to survival of our species. I spent a considerable amount of time in two disability clinics and gained countless friends doing so. I also used dialog they use amongst themselves. Now I’m quite sure there will be those that deny real life so my best advice is to direct all complaints about actual real life dialog, mannerisms and situations to Johnny Clark who has Cerebral Palsy and was instrumental in perfecting parts of this novel. If you wish to complain about real life please contact Johnny at: He welcomes the chance to correct your belief that the disabled are less equipped than others to handle situations.

Please leave comments if you wish. Johnny has agreed to answer all your misplaced angst and conceptions. Personally I find this too funny as an author of Real Life.

Author Disclaimer: This Author disavows any misplaced superior attitudes amongst those considering themselves ‘superior and normal’ vs disabled. I used the guidance of those I consider normal for the interaction and dialog. Deal with it honestly, or email Johnny because he will undoubtedly be fairly brutal with you.