I do mention in my book there aren’t enough bullets to kill a hundred million zombies in the U.S. alone, or more. That simply isn’t true actually. Not on a one to one ratio. Now the way us soldiers are taught to shoot? No way enough rounds. We gleefully spray and pray. But let’s look at it logically.

Take myself. I’m a survivalist. I have a ton of rounds in various calibers. Sounds like a lot yes? It really isn’t to our mindset. LOL. You just start accumulating and it’s really hard to stop. You get a good deal and you take advantage of it. I’m a lightweight. I know survivalists with literally millions of rounds of ammo. And here’s something funny. You start out as a prepper. You tell yourself you’ll carry 200 rounds per gun. That’s moved up to 500-1000 per gun because ammo is a lot cheaper in bulk. Then you buy more. So then you have 2-3000 rounds per gun. Then you get paranoid kinda. So it’s not a big deal to divide your stash into multiple locations. So you start hiding caches at family or friends homes. Or simply burying it. LOL. Yeah they do that along with a couple guns or more. Once you accumulate more than a thousand rounds per gun most preppers start cache’ing off site. If we lose it or can’t get to it no big deal. But we don’t want it all taken during a home invasion or GOV crackdown. The seccond amendment was created for a very specific reason because the founders actually read history before they wrote that document. Too funny but the truth. So the point is there are a lot of storage units out there filled with ammo and guns. Bet on it. *Grins* The really funny thing is they are almost never like in the movies. You know, the guy that owns a junk yard, or desolate desert spot, or the warehouse with undergound storage. They are your next door neighbor that you know has a few guns but mostly for hunting. The average business executive or doctor, or accountant. Those are the hidden preppers and their damn good at it. LOL.

There are millions of us. Truthfully. The number of unofficial preppers is simply phenomenal.

So yeah, there’s more than enough ammunition to kill the fuckers off. You just have to find it.

Now in Book 2 the question is raised whether to burn Grand Rapids Michigan to the ground. Firestorm it. Easy to do. But Grand Rapids is a gold mine of supplies. The National Guard/Army Supply Depot in Coopersville alone probably has on the order of 30 to 50┬ámillion rounds of .223 so why raze it? The Gun Shops in Grand Rapids or any decent sized city besides New York, New Jersey, Chicago and a couple others probably carry at least 10’s of millions of rounds if not hundreds of millions in various calibers. This is no joke. I have a buddy that owns a medium sized gun shop in GR and his inventory is normally on the level of 6 to 10 million rounds at any given moment for he buys in huge bulk quantities to get it super cheap. There are dozens of gun shops in GR. So, ammo is the least of their worries if they can get it. Their problem is a humungous zombie population that’s getting smarter. What to do.

Guess you’ll have to read book 2 eh?