Book 1: Blood, Brains and Bullets

This is book 1 of the Blood, Brains and Bullets series.

BBaB Draft07Jay is intended from the beginning to morph into a responsible killing machine from the happy go lucky goofy player. This is the intent of his character buildup. He takes on responsibility and the old way of things doesn’t work anymore. Throughout Book 1 he vainly attempts to have his cake and eat it too. Which really means he’s a typical guy in that he likes women and throughout finds himself slipping back into his old habits. Also my first book is very much designed to appeal to the younger crowd of men and women and builds huge amounts of patriotism into the reader after they’re hooked, and I really hope I got that right. We are losing the battle with our young. I’m trying desperately to get some of them back. Nuff said on that.

My biggest regret in book one was not engaging professional editing from the beginning and the tendency of turning my main character females into simpering idiots when around my primary male character. I corrected that little issue in book 2.

In my limited defense, I drew on real life interactions at the college level. I am a career student and rapidly pursuing my next degree. I love school and learning. Since I’m retired and it’s all tax deductible because the courses I take apply to one or another of the various businesses I own. I see young females every week acting insanely unintelligent over young males. It’s amazing really. Not all, of course, but a significant minority and it’s blatant enough to draw attention. So I drew on those experiences in my writing. This is real life, yet in a very narrow demographic. Bad mistake obviously. It has been corrected.

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