About Sean Liebling. Author of Blood, Brains and Bullets series.This page is about Sean Liebling. The Author of the best-selling Blood, Brains and Bullets series on Amazon and a few other places.

Served twice in the USMC who incarcerated me in Beirut, Iraq, Panama, Somalia and a few other places until I was barely discharged for good behavior. I cuss a lot in like company which I blame on the service. However, I never cuss around my own children or any young person. It’s simply taboo. I also respect the boundaries of everyone around me when known. Speak up!

Currently the owner of a few businesses that are actually making money in this economy and also a licensed firearms instructor, just to keep my hand in the game.

I am also one of those evil preppers and have all the stuff my characters have with the exception of an underground bunker. LOL. I am the bug in type and will stay and protect my community and the children for they are our future. Do I expect anything to happen? Nope! But it costs me little to prepare, and it’s actually fun.

I am me! I have fun and I’m rarely serious. About this series I wrote and am writing. I have no illusions that I’ll be the next Stephen King. I do it because I simply have to, and honestly I’m having fun while not taking myself too seriously. I’ve found I really enjoy writing, whether or not I have the skills necessary. Everything in my books actually works and my scenario’s depict how it would probably be in any real life end game scenario, depending on a great many factors of course. This I know from my own experiences and those of my closest friends who number doctors and psychologists to name a few. I also know this because I’m a history nut and history definitely repeats itself with great frequency.

I’m approachable so if you enjoyed my book and feel like dropping me a line go right ahead. I will respond to each and every one. Even those who will end up bashing me because sure as there is evil in the world I know it will happen. LOL. Honestly it’s all good. I’ve met a great many authors and while some were great guys and girls that were a pleasure to meet, others were total pricks with extreme stuck up attitudes way out of proportion to their actual writing skills and sales. So, hit my website up and shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to respond. BTW. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

You can reach me through my primary website at http://www.seanliebling.com

I’m also the hugger type. I limit my male hugging to family members mostly. LOL. This means I’m a very affectionate person. I see no use in wasting my lifespan on being an asshole. Too much fun to be had. Most of you will find this extremely funny and refreshing but there will be a very few extreme anal types that think it’s unprofessional. Yeah ok. Talk to the hand! Get this anal types. Pssst! I simply don’t care. It’s that simple. I’m the extremely happy type and I insist on staying that way. You can’t change me for I am me!

Take care and God Bless!