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The Apocalypse has arrived!

The Reaper: No Mercy. Book One of the new Reaper Series by Author Sean Liebling

The Reaper: No Mercy. Book One of the new Reaper Series.


Legacy of the Living. Book Two of the Blood, Brains and Bullets series by Author Sean Liebling

Legacy of the Living. Book Two of the Blood, Brains and Bullets series.


 Blood, Brains and Bullets: Book One by Author Sean Liebling

Blood, Brains and Bullets: Book One

UPDATE: April 9th. I’m back after taking a few months off. I’m sorry to all my fans but when it involves family the stress gets to me and I needed to get away and just spend time with my family.The good news is I’m only days from finishing Book 2 of The Reaper: Avenging Wraith. It’s almost twice as long as the first one and really good according to my beta readers. But you be the judge. I’m really excited to get on Book 3 of BBB which is Sacrifice of the Damned, because I’m already close to 100,000 words on it so it will go quick also.

Thanks again for hanging in there and being my fans.

Read an 3 chapter excerpt from the next Reaper novel: Avenging Wraith.


Legacy of the Living is out and on Amazon! I hope you enjoy how it shapes up and moves the story into a new dimension. A big shout out to all my fans and researchers who help make my books better and more in-depth. Please take your time and explore the site. There are a great many links to visit as well as a variety of research documentation in many areas. I also run quite a few polls among my fans and visitors and I hope you participate. You can also purchase both digital and paperback versions of my novels here as well as those of other Authors whom I respect and feel write realistically and engage you, the reader. The thought of a zombie apocalypse is an interesting one that has gained a wide audience over the last 45 years. I hope my writing lives up to your expectations. So explore and check out all the interesting pages along with those of some of my friends. My books are also edited by Monique Happy Editorial Services. You can click on her ad in the right column or check out her services here. So have fun with the site and don’t be shy if you want to drop me a line. I answer all emails.Email Sean Liebling at: